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'Mood Indigo' animates a blue love story

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Mood Indigo


"Mood Indigo", a French Comedy released through Drafthouse Films, opens this weekend in Pittsburgh at the Melwood Screening Room. Made by the crafty visualist Michel Gondry, the talented filmmaker behind such fantastical films as "Be Kind Rewind", "Human Nature" and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". He succeeds again with a new charmer.

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Wealthy bachelor Colin (Romain Duris, "L'Auberge Espagnol") deems himself ready for a girlfriend, after both his friends find happiness with the fairer sex. Invited to a party to meet a woman, he is immediately smitten by Chloé (Audrey Tautou, "Amelie"), instant chemistry exists between the two and before too long they wed. But the honeymoon is short lived, when Chloé comes down with what seems like nothing more than an ordinary cold. Of course, that nothing really means something far worse. Affairs of the heart in real life can be just as fleeting.

Gondry's fans already know the otherworldly scenes only he can dream up and flesh out on screen. Lovers float through the air or swim like they're trapped in their very own bubble. However, once you get past all the surreal trappings, this movie develops a heartwarming story about sacrifice and responsibility. At first, Colin is carefree and unencumbered however, when things go bad for his wife he learns to work wherever he can and strives to keep her alive.

The direction is indeed delightful, filled with wonder, smiles and romance. Although to be honest, it's still tinged with bittersweet tears and morose sadness. In the end, whimsy is followed by waste, mirth double-crossed by gloom. "Mood Indigo" provides an endearing animated quality that draws you in before it pushes headlong into a dramatic third act that might leave you feeling quite blue.


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