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'Monsters: The Complete Series' DVD Review

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Monsters: The Complete Series


Those of you who love horror and enjoy it so much that you would watch it for hours, well have I got a DVD set that is right up your alley. The complete show of that hit TV series 'Monsters' is out. As a matter of fact it came out yesterday March 18, 2014.

What did you say? Your not familiar with that show. Well let me tell you about some of them. How about David McCallum as The Feverman. In 'The Feverman' he plays an interesting character who takes away the worst of fevers. He turns them into creatures that he can actually fight. He does it so carefully and for such a small price too. Yes, you must pay for his services. Don't worry he always gets his fevers. He has to or he dies also.

How about a doll that is mechanically run like a robot. Unfortunately the doll really is just a device that is to be manipulated or does it do the manipulating. You'll have to watch the show to see.

Maybe you have always wanted to keep your wife in order and make her do your every whim. Well did you know that you can do it with honey. Yes that's right with honey but beware of the queen she may sting you to death.

These and many more of the incredible stories are there for your viewing pleasure. The stars that are featured are amazing. For instance, Adrienne Barbeau, Linda Blair, Darren McGavin, Meat Loaf and Rob Morrow just to name a few. These and many stars are here at their horrible best.

Eone is bringing this wonderful collection of horror at it's very worst. Oh the horror of it all and it's all in one set of DVDs that will amaze you with the quality of sound and visual effects. This is one horrible set of horror that must be in your library.

The show brings such a wonderful quality of actors and actresses together to make this horror collection a great one for the books. So go get a set of these beautifully done horror stories and be scared out of your socks for hours to come.