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Monsters The Complete Series comes to DVD

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eOne Entertainment

Monsters The Complete Series


Before series like the Walking Dead graced the airwaves, there were a variety of anthology style series over the years including Tales From the Crypt and Tales From the Darkside. While those may have been some of the most popular there was one other unique series that took on the same format that ran from 1988-1991 called Monsters. Now eOne Entertainment is bringing this fun series home with Monsters: The Complete Series on DVD.

The series kicked off each episode with a strange monsterous spin on the family sitcom persona before heading into that particular episode. Each episode is a standalone story often using dark humor and deadly creatures focusing on some sort of cautionary tale. This is one of those series that has a little bit for everyone. Sure each episode won’t appeal to everyone, but that is the magic of these kinds of shows. Some of the episodes took the dark actual horror aspect, while others played it up for the humor. What made this show stand out from the others is the consistent focus on the monster aspect where as they used a wide variety of techniques to bring these creatures to life, most notably the practical effects of the time that is a rare find these days and so much more fun to watch. In addition to the variety of the creatures and ideas throughout the series, there are numerous episodes that use some creative approaches to the filming of the episode itself to help them standout. Sure this doesn’t always make these episodes better than others, but offers up a great variety. To add more too each episode a lot of them also features a twist endings that make for some clever television. As with most of these kinds of series it features a wide variety of actors and actresses that weren’t well-known at the time, which makes it all the more fun to watch. Famous faces to look out for include Steve Buscemi, Gina Gershon, Tony Shaloub, David Spade, Linda Blair, Frank Gorshin and so many more.

This is one of those series that was before its time and is no surprise that it managed to churn out 3 seasons. If you have never had a chance to check out this series then now is your chance as this new DVD set includes all 72 episodes on 9 discs that have never been available before.

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