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Monster Monpiece: PS Vita Review

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Monster Monpiece


I like games from Japan. I feel like they have a lot to offer to the western world. However, there are some games that make me question what I am actually playing. You see, the Japanese culture for videogames and entertainment is very different than ours. As such, artwork, jokes etc are either removed or censored because the characters are relatively young. This is my current problem with enjoying Monster Monpiece.

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Monster Monpiece is a card game in which you place cards onto a field and your goal is to get these creatures to the enemy's side of the map. Every enemy has a different number but generally you will have to hit the enemy castle 1-3 times before you can in the game. This goes for the enemy attempting to do the same to you. Every card has an element or color associated with it. When played in succession you will gain bonuses. Two played in a row will net you one extra mana to summon a monster on your next turn. Three in a row gives all your cards on the field a mana bonus, health bonus, and attack bonus. Typically you want this to happen as much as possible so your cards get stronger every third turn.

In addition to the color power ups. You can also fuse cards that are the same class. So you can fuse two beast cards to add their attack, health and intelligence points. If the card has an ability it will be transferred to the new fused card as well. You can use this method while your creatures are on the enemy side of the board. It makes it handy for surviving non-stop attack from your enemy. To prevent breaking the game, you cannot fuse more than two cards onto one base card. So you cannot just stack a bunch of the same type of cards and obliterate your enemy.

Now, I find the card game to be incredibly fun. It is relatively balanced and it is very easy to learn. As you complete matches you earn currency to purchase new packs for new cards. However, there is a second kind of currency you earn and I have yet to use it after the tutorial telling me how to spend it. I have yet to use it because I feel very uncomfortable doing it. You use this currency to power up your cards. How you may ask? By turning the Vita sideways and rubbing “weak spots” on the card. These spots can include ears, thighs, boobs, butts etc. This would be less awkward if half the art for the cards you can power up look like very young people, like teenager status, some even younger. I know this sort of thing is common in Japan, but I think it is rather creepy in this game. I still have fun playing it, but I will never power-up my cards simply because I do not feel comfortable with this mechanic. It is really off putting.

Other than that, the game has a nice flow to it and the actual card playing is really fun and strategic. If you are ok with the card power-up mechanic you will really enjoy this game. I give Monster Monpiece for the PS Vita a 7/10.