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'Monster Hunter Tri' for the Wii, too easy?


Monster Hunter Tri


The Monster Hunter series has always been well known for the challenge as well as its intricacy. The point of the game is just as the title describes- to hunt monsters- and sometimes you get way more than you bargain for! As enticing as just this fragment of the game is, that's not all that Monster Hunter has to offer.

The games also allow you to harvest items from the wild that you can utilize to make traps, potions, and many other components that you can use in your hunts to help you along or capture the beast that you are hunting, as well as upgrade your armor and weapons. Anyone who has played the games knows that every aspect of gathering and crafting plays a large part in helping you become a stronger hunter, therefor making your hunts less likely to result in your death, while still being a challenge.

With 'Monster Hunter Tri' you still have the crafting (called combining in the games) but it seems to be less necessary. In many of the Monster Hunter games you'll find yourself going through a handful of potions in one hunt from being tossed about by the monster that you're hunting, but in Tri it seems like you need many less. This comes from the fact that the game is a large jump from the others when it comes to challenge. Where many of the other Monster Hunter games have been hard, leaving you incredibly frustrated at times, Tri just falls short.

The added diversity of the game with the controls does add to the game, making it feel more interactive. You can play with the Wii mote as well as the nun-chuck and playing this way you can swing the nun-chuck in order to swing your weapon. The intention may have been to play the game this way alone, thus the easier fights, but even playing this way the game seems easy compared to the others. Playing with the nun-chuck is fun, but it would be even funner with the added challenge that Monster Hunter players have come to love.

By no means does easy mean boring. 'Monster Hunter Tri' is a great addition to the Wii market, putting something largely different from the other games it offers onto the list of choices. The game is fun, has average graphics for the Wii, and has fun online game play where you can hunt with other players. Sadly, with the Wii loosing its wi-fi capabilities in May of this year, that part of the game will no longer be available, but the game is still a worthy buy.