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Monday Night Raw in DC Electrifies!

Monday Night Raw
Monday Night Raw
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How over is Dolph Ziggler? The whole arena was erupting at every moment of the Intercontinental match between Ziggler and champion Wade Barrett. That was enjoyable to be apart of. Alright, let me back up for a moment.

  • WWE Monday Night Raw was at the Verizon Center yesterday and it was the last Raw before the Money in the Bank Pay Per View. The arena was packed by the WWE Universe (and the sign guy was there. What does this guy do for a living? Is he on the WWE payroll to be a audience plant, because he got a lot of chants started.) and as they usually do, the WWE delivered.
  • Stephanie McMahon came out (wow is she attractive) to find a punishment for Vickie Guerrero for letting Roman Reigns in the battle royal last week. She threatened to fire her or put her in a match that resulted both of them going into a swimming pool of (?) something. A lot of “Eddie” chants broke out over these two segments that was more entertaining than expected. Vickie was ‘fired’ and walked out to Eddie’s music smiling.
  • The tag team match on Sunday was set up quite nicely as the Uso’s took on Harper & Rowan of the Wyatt Family in singles matches. Harper and Roman came out to new music which was quite interesting (and awesome) to see. Harper is a stud in the ring for a big guy and I can easily see him challenging for the title in the main event picture down the road. Noami beat Alicia Fox with Paige ringside which will lead to a match for the Divas championship this Sunday. Paige got up on the apron, shook Noami’s hand and walked back. There are stories online that say VKM isn’t sold on Paige, but my goodness, I am!
  • Bo Dallas came out to beat Titus O’Neil in a very entertaining mic display from the Inspirational one. Titus slapped the mic out of Bo’s hands and Bo went and picked it up, “Oops, Mr.Butterfingers, right?” Very good stuff from Dallas as he is starting to win me over. HHH came out to announce the briefcase match which will feature Kofi Kingston (sweet), Dolph Ziggler(sweet), Rov Van Dam(awesomely sweet), Wade Barrett (sweet), Jack Swagger (WE THE PEOPLE.. SWEET!) in addition to Seth Rollins. Ambrose interfered in the RVD vs Rollins match to say that we might as well put him in the match because he’ll interrupt the whole pay per view. Ambrose delivered another great promo and reminded me (and hopefully everyone else) how great this guy can be.
  • The IC match came out and electrified everyone, Swagger beat Kofi Kingston by making him tap to the ankle lock, and poor Damien Sandow, dressed as Abe Lincoln, came out to be beat up by Big E. Rusev then had a sneak attack on Big E as he continues to impress me and then the same main event match on Smackdown . Sheamus, Cena and Roman Reigns got the win over Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio and Cesaro and Kane came out and was added to the Main Event Ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight title.

The WWE will be coming back to DC on Monday, Dec 29th for another Raw. This will be nearing the time of the start of the Road to WrestleMania, so I’m sure we are in for another great show!