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'Mom's Night Out' Movie Review: Mom should have stayed home

Mom's Night Out
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'Mom's Night Out'


There are times when a person just wants to go out and relax. To get away from the every day jobs of life and to see the world in a different light. To enjoy a nice dinner with good conversation are these too much to ask from time to time.

Our mother Ally, (Sarah Drew) is one stressed out woman. Now she will get on her blog and write about how she loves to be a clean freak and that everything has its own place. Well in real life she is not a clean freak. She actually has a house from hell. The house is a mess and the husband is always traveling because of work. The kids are barely under control and our good mother Ally loses it quite often.

The movie is about some mom's having a nice evening out. Ally's husband Sean (Sean Astin) is wanting her to do this and tries to get it all set up. The pastor's wife Sondra (Patricia Heaton) and their pal Izzy (Logan White) are all looking forward to this evening out. Only one problem, everything goes wrong. They don't get their nice dinner, they lose their phones and their minivan and their husbands are losing their minds. You would think this would be one funny movie, but it loses it along the way.

There is no alcohol, no sight gags, the performances are a loss, and truthfully it's just not worth the money. Directors Andrew Erwin and Jon Erwin started out with a lackluster cast and went downhill from there. The jokes are lame and to be honest if you want to see this movie don't pay now wait till it comes to TV or DVD and save a dollar or two. If you must see it at least have a drink before you go and maybe the jokes will be better. Sorry.