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'Moebius' silently shows a soap opera from Hell



Kim Ki-duk, the Korean Director behind such outrageous films like "Bad Guy", "The Isle" and "Pieta", returns with another emotional movie. One even crazier than those aforementioned films. Simply put, a silent soap opera from Hell. Entitled "Moebius", this violent exercise in family dynamics will certainly make many with a strong fortitude pale in its presence. Of course, all this is conveyed without dialogue. Not a word is uttered (other than gasps and groans), yet this powerful Foreign film says so much with just angry stares and empty, shocked looks.

Now available from RAM Releasing
Now available from RAM ReleasingRAM Releasing
Now available On Demand
Now available On DemandKim Ki-duk's 'Moebius'

A psychotic woman (Lee Eun-woo) attempts to castrate her husband in an act of revenge for his infidelity. When he fights back, she strikes out against her teenage son (Seo Young-ju) injuring him in the process. The guilt-ridden father (Cho Jae-hyun) drags his ailing son to the hospital and tries to make amends by taking care of the psychological damage that is sure to arise in his only child. All leading to a tragic but, inevitable conclusion for every family member.

Ki-duk tempers this cruel outing with moments of solemnity and a black streak of deprecating humor. He also examines the harsh realities of sexual roles in everyday relationships. How men must be the aggressors and women must conform by taking whatever is doled out. Pain and pleasure intertwined. Similar to a snake swallowing its own tail. Or a moebius strip, from which this film takes its name. Now available in theaters or VOD from the brand new cutting edge distributor, RAM Releasing.