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Modern British Food

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I just visited London after a multi-decade absence. I had never been that impressed with the British food scene as all the great, Indian, Thai and you-name it ethnic we have in San Francisco (and it generally costs less).

This trip showed me a different side of London dining. I had good Thai in the suburbs for less than it would have cost in SF (although wine is expensive and skews big-region French). I also visited a trendy, somewhat locally sourced restaurant in the swank area of Mayfair. I am not going to crow about it, as the food was mediocre and the service worse. However the fact that the restaurant noted where different proteins and vegetables are sourced is exciting and reflects the SF market.

Probably the best meal I had was at a local pub in the suburbs called the Rose and Crown. It had that cozy, low-celling and wood-beamed vibe that restaurants only dream of in San Francisco. Great beer on tap was complemented by hearty and meat-focused mains, such as a fried pork chop and some of the best local sausages that I have ever had. The wine list was limited but interesting.

London is also a blast to visit to taste amazing local, and imported, beer on tap (and the tube and bus system works incredibly well). BrewDog is a small chain that serves a dizzying array of beer and some super-spicy Texas BBQ in its Shoreditch location, which is a fun neighborhood to walk around.

Some places to try modern British food in SF include The Cavalier and You Say Tomato, which is a grocery store.

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