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Mobile wallet apps, changing the concept of shopping

Isis mobile wallet, merging shopping and technology
Isis mobile wallet, merging shopping and technology
Marie Flounoy

Isis Mobile Wallet


Have you ever went shopping and forgot your wallet? Or have you shopped at a store or coffee shop only to realize you've forget your rewards card, that could save money? There just may be a answer to these problems that either Google wallet or the Isis Mobile Wallet will solve. Both are apps, transforming the way customers shop by allowing users to organizer all their credit/debit and reward in one place, on their mobile device. However, Google Wallet has additional features, including the options of: sending money, buying online, etc.

Isis Mobile Wallet (created by AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA, Inc. and Verizon Wireless) is geared toward people who are on the go, a typical New Yorker, who uses their debit/credit cards a lot - whether it be reward cards at Duane Reade or their own personal credit card to make a purchase. Isis Mobile wallet makes thing easy, with a tap of your finger you can make payment for a item.

This experience was tested out by author, and based on the experience here are the advantages of Isis Mobile Wallet on Droid Ultra, which is exclusive to Verizon Wireless:

  • Isis mobile wallet is very user friendly
  • Available for both android and iphone users
  • Conceals card information
  • Great security feature (pin code)
  • Pay for your purchase with a tap of your finger (fast)

Currently, the Isis wallet can be used at a variety of major retailers and restaurants, such as: McDonalds, American Apparel, Walgreens, T Mobile, CVS, and Footaction among others. In addition, the wallet also works with their selected merchants to offer a wide array of promotions and offers for Isis wallet mobile users. For a example, American Express is offering a special promotion for American Express card holders who use the Isis mobile wallet through June 1st to take 50% off your cab ride.

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