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Mobile game review, ‘Civilization Revolution’

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‘Civilization Revolution’


‘Civilization Revolution’ is a mobile strategy game in which the player guides a small tribe of hunters and gatherers into an empire. Starting with a single city in the stone age the game progresses till you control the world and later take to the stars. This game is the mobile companion to the critically acclaimed Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo 3DS.

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The game begins with you picking a place to build your first settlement. From there you have to manage your resources, build your city, and train warriors to protect your borders. Soon you can begin sending small bands of settlers and warriors into the world to claim new cities and towns.

The game implores simple mechanics for fighting with short animations of either winning or losing a combat. Sometimes the reason for either is not well understood as there is a wide range of randomization in the game. This reflects the random aspects of war from historical examples.

Each new city you build or conquer adds resources to your community pool in the form of gold. Each city however has its own resources for building based on the land and sea tiles around it. Some areas do better than others while some need special buildings to do better.

Many objectives exist for completing the game. Defeating every other nation militaristically, creating a world bank, developing the best culture, or launching a successful space mission will all constitute a win.

At the beginning of the game you chose a ruler who will represent you in game. Each ruler has special abilities that make them better or worse at certain play styles or objectives. For example Genghis Khan can control barbarians and make their villages into settlements.

The graphics are somewhat poor however it has nearly all the functionality of the non-mobile version. Many things are made more simple and streamlined for the mobile version. This trade off seems well worth it for the playability. In addition it supports four player multiplayer through online play.

The only other downside is that the controls are not optimal for use on a small touch device. Sometimes things lag, go to the wrong place, or you click the wrong thing too much. This gets really old fast as the game does not allow you to fix these issues before carrying out orders. This can send a raiding party into the wrong direction for a year before you can correct their path (possibly losing settlements or settlers in the process).

Overall this is a great game and a perfect hold over for anyone needing their “Civ fix” on the go. The game is a perfect partner to the other games for stronger consoles. I give ‘Civilization Revolution - Mobile’ 4 out of 5 dancing hamsters for focus on gameplay and creativity but knock off a hamster for some minor bugs for issues with the interface.

The game is $2.99 and available through their online store at


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