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MMA Champion Cung Le is out for vengeance in ‘Puncture Wounds’

Puncture Wounds


For the last couple of years MMA superstar Cung Le has been making a name for himself as an action star in films like Pandorum, The Man with the Iron Fists and Dragon Eyes to name a few. Now he is back with his latest Puncture Wounds and bringing along action icon Dolph Lundgren and Vinnie Jones along with him, but can he continue to bring the pain or will it be time to tap out?

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Puncture Wounds follows an Iraq vet dealing with PTSD whose small amount of piece he has created around him is shattered after he rescues a local call girl from members of the Aryan Brotherhood. Now he and his family are targets of this ruthless organization and sets him on a path of vengeance that is paved in blood. This is one of those films that is going to appeal more towards a particular audience as it struggles in a few areas. It’s no surprise that Cung Le delivers on the action, but in this role he is forced to showcase a variety of emotions and while still honing his acting skills does a decent job. Lundgren and Jones both deliver the performances you expect and you are either a fan or not. The only off putting aspect of any of them is the mustache and hair Dolph sports this time around, but props for trying go for a different look, sadly it just didn’t work. The story harkens back to the more old school action films like that of Don “The Dragon” Wilson using a somewhat simplistic story to bring the action together. While its pretty brutal at times, the events leading up to his rage actually step it up to a level that would clearly make him lose it and in turn sets the stakes a bit higher. While not all martial arts action, there is plenty to keep Cung Le fans happy letting him let lose a few times to do his thing. The only complaint regarding the action comes in the fight between Le and Lundgren which is good, but cut way too short and seemingly rushed at the end.

Despite the flaws this film still delivers exactly what it sets out to, an old school martial arts revenge flick. This is the second lead role for Le alongside an action icon and it is only fitting as he is bringing the new blood to the game and is clearly ready to deliver the sidekick to the industry like only he can. If you are a fan of old school action or any of the action stars involved then Puncture Wounds is worth checking out.