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MJ's Final Album Revives his Revolutionary Beat

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Michael Jackson 'Xscape'


Michael Jackson's second secret compact disc splattered onto the music scene just three days ago and has already conquered the number one spot in over fifty countries.

Eight unreleased tracks, produced by the insanely talented Timbaland, Stargate & Darkchild, proves what made Michael Jackson the original bad mother f***er in 1985. Five years after the tragic death of the international pop superstar and his music, rhythm and soul still succeeds. One of the standout smashes from 'Xscape', 'Slave to the Rhythm,' inserts the eardrum with sexy grooves making the entire experience full of dangerous dance moves and head bopping action. To dissect each individual sound is actually a bit baffling; every single cut is perfectly produced and showcases the crazy, cool range of Michael Jackson. Patrick Carney, drummer of 'The Black Keys', was harshly critical of the material, calling it "some fucking bullshit that sucks so bad that it took them three years after he died to make it listenable." While 'The Black Keys' are undeniably one of the most talented rock bands on the planet, Michael Jackson's talent is literally in heaven which drove music to a whole other level that redefined pop music still expressed by the popular artists today.

If you come across an individual who bashes Michael Jackson and his personal life, not focusing on the unbelievable talent this human possessed, than get rid of them because he is clearly one of the most gifted and successful musicians of all time. It's such a shame the legendary Michael Jackson can't perform these eight exceptional tracks live, because the show would have been quite the spectacle and something unlike anyone has felt before. Michael Jackson fans and newcomers purchase this album now and experience what all the DJ's in the world will be rocking out to.