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'Miss You Like Crazy' by Pamela Hall: Perfect picture book about separation

Picture book for working parents
courtesy of Tanglewood Press

Miss You Like Crazy by Pamela Hall


"Miss You Like Crazy" by Pamela Hall and illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell is the perfect picture book for working moms whose kids feel a bit neglected. The mama squirrel and Walnut, her child, are getting ready for a busy day. Walnut is not happy his mother is going to work, and they will be apart all day.

Walnut's mom tells him she wishes she could take him to work, and they begin an imagined day during which the two of them have adventures. But reality intrudes (it's time for Walnut to go to school and Mama to go to work), and she explains why she has to work. It's not only to pay the rent and buy food and clothing, she tells him, it's also because she's good at what she does. "People depend on me," she tells him.

But then Mama reassures Walnut. "Everyone at work knows you are my top priority," she says. And she tells him all the ways that she is reminded of him throughout the day. There are pictures of Walnut everywhere, and she even wears a photo of him around her neck.

She and Walnut devise a way that Walnut, too, can feel connected to her, and then even Walnut feels happy and secure.

This book would be a great tool for parents who need to deal with children's insecurities about separation or starting the school year. The book will reassure them that at the end of the day, it's time for parents and kids to be together. And that's the best time of the day!

Please note: This review is based on the final hardcover book provided by the publisher, Tanglewood Books, for review purposes.

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