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'Miss Conception'

Women who are truly infertile and have not ever been able to give birth to a child at all often suffer silently while others take for granted captive and beloved children,


By Julie D. Griffin

Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom. - Harriette Hartigan
Miromar Entertainment

Something which although very difficult to talk about, Georgina Salt (Heather Graham) has a lover who has a condition known as baby phobia. Georgina has a larger problem. Only one fertile egg left with which to conceive and one month before the luscious gem perishes. And with everyone around her and his brother fat with child and arms cradling the beautiful creatures, Georgina begins to wonder that she won't ever live to see the day. Blue Angel Films depicts her boyfriend taking off for a remote island with a blonde bombshell super model to make other films, and at that time Georgina gets it. She then devises a cookie cutter plan to take the desired real-estate through medical means. With the help of some fertility drugs, meditation and positive thinking, Georgina makes an executive plan sharp enough to curl the toes of her desired target. A man to get her pregnant. And if the thing not effected by natural means, her doctor makes other things possible. An old-fashioned form of some not so artificial insemination, a method farmers used on farm animals and had done so for generations.

Filmed on location in England, and although the film a comedy, infertility no laughing matter, it seems there are some women, although not all, who already gave childbirth just take something like pregnancy for granted. They do not consider the fact which the film brings to the surface even on a lighter note about the problem of infertility for women and the pain this inflicts upon women who are truly infertile and have not ever been able to give birth to a child at all. Georgina facing her share of sad problems though and with a cheater boyfriend, or so she at first supposes, she feels pressured to find another birth father. Her close friends Clem and Justin who really only likes men, she later tries to pressure to become the father of her child, and the desperate ploy sadly fails. She does gain their help, but does not really like the plan the two form for her. The friends bate Georgina to sleep with a random stranger, a danger though that she decides to risk on the precipice fear that her last chance for a child may just, unlike that answer in the wind that has not yet seemed to come, simply blow by. Her friends carefully screen men for what the consideration of the perfect birth father according to them is, something that the female friend of the two wants to base solely on physical appearance alone. One man turned away for gender preference, gives way to the kiss of another man with Georgina at the very moment her a.w.o.l. boyfriend Zach calls. Georgina casts him to the wayside for Zach. However, once she hears the fashion model on the telephone asking him to, "Zach, darling, will you zip me up?" Georgina knows at that moment that her search for the right man must continue. But with the father of the rich model funding all of the documentary films Zach makes his living with, it does take him awhile to stand up to the beautiful flirt and for himself and to return to the everyday girl he truly and really loves. Find out if Zach makes it back in time to Georgina to straighten out the misunderstanding and reunite with her to finally make her the mother of his child.Several mishaps along the way, which also include the mother of Georgina showing up at a very inopportune time and literally just taking the cake. Or rather refrigerating the cake which had the baby. In short if this makes no sense, perhaps it may help to picture this a little like the Mardi Gras season custom of finding a small plastic replica of a baby inside of an already baked cake. Miromar Entertainment Miss Conception stars as well as Heather Graham, Mia Kirshner, Tom Ellis, and Orlando Seale. And strangely enough, the film which is about having children is likely not acceptable for children to watch. Rated R.