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Miracle-making CerumWorx power-packed capsules leave your skin silky smooth

Used daily these tiny capsules can change your skin dramatically
Used daily these tiny capsules can change your skin dramatically

CerumWorx capsules


After a week of applying tiny power-packed CerumWorx capsules to my face morning and night (after cleansing) I can honestly say this stuff really works. My skin took on a radiance after one use that continued to improve each day.

According to the materials that came with my sample, “ CerumWorx™ stable 10% Vitamin C + Biopeptide capsules are a convenient and effective antioxidant therapy for skin renewal and repair.” The company claims that ‘While traditional liquid serums can be oily, messy and quickly degrade, CerumWORX™ offers a silky cream delivered in convenient single-use capsules that ensure fresh Vitamin C every time, and that on clinical trials, CerumWORX increased skin firmness by 34% and smoothness by 16% with visible effects in only two weeks.”

Skin boosting benefits of CerumWORX:

· It contains three forms of Vitamin C that penetrate, stick to and stay on the skin

· It is highly stable in biodegradable capsules - fresh product each application

· Includes Vitamin E to boost antioxidant action

· CerumWORX is a silky powder-based cream that conditions and softens the skin

CerumWork costs $75 at