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Mio Restaurant-Cocina Abierta

Mio Restaurant


If there is one thing anyone should know about DC it should be that we are a brunch city! Brunch in DC is a fete and it is one not to be missed! The best part of brunching in DC is that the choices are never ending. You can find a brunch that meets any hankering that you may have developed during the busy week!

Enjoy the Latin inspired cuisine at Mio Restaurant.
Samentha Moore

One restaurant that should make the top of your brunch list is Mio Restaurant in NW DC. Not a stranger to the brunch scene, Mio has had a sold out Mother’s Day brunch for the past three years. This past Sunday, January 19th was the first Sunday of having a regular brunch menu. Latin inspired restaurant focuses on fare from Puerto-Rico, Mexico, and Peru. Indulging in this enchanting food is absolutely no problem, and the enthusiastic staff had a smile on their faces while being very helpful with the menu by divulging what their favorites were!

As soon as you open the doors to Mio, you are greeted with the smooth sounds of a three piece jazz band. The charming sounds automatically carve out the atmosphere of the brunch as you make your way to the hostess stand to be seated. The simple yet warm décor makes it easy to enjoy the open kitchen. Want a little privacy? Not a problem, Mio has two private sections to accommodate to your occasion.

Meeting the Owner of Mio, Manuel Iguina was very delightful, the fervor and enthusiasm he had for this restaurant was contagious and learning more about the cuisine was so pleasurable. All breads as well as ceviche’s are made in house for supreme quality and flavors, and many of their ingredients are thoughtfully imported from the original countries.

Brunch was kicked off with drinks; a spicy Bloody Mary ($10) and a cold Mimosa ($9) were made perfectly and set the bar fairly high for the rest of the eating experience. “Sweet Breads” then came to the table, Waffle Puertorriqueño ($16) which is their take on the Belgium waffle, but better! Crusted Mallorca French Toast ($17) looked much different than the French toast we’re used to; it looked more like a bagel, except tasted so much better. The warm and tender bread filled with guava slices and cream cheese was a silent hit!

Corvina ($24) was Rockfish served with couscous, berry, and vegetables with a passion fruit white wine sauce that brought all the flavors together. The fish was cooked perfectly, with a crusted skin on the outside and tender juicy fish in the middle. The couscous was tender and flavorful and the white wine sauce was sweet, but not too sweet.

New York Strip ($24) was a meat lover’s dish! Served with shoestring potatoes, Arroz Mamposteao (red beans and rice), and an optional “A Caballo”-meaning topped with a fried egg. The plentiful steak was seasoned to perfection and harmonized with the red beans and rice beautifully.

With two sweet table surprises, you can’t leave without dessert! Quatro Leche, a wet bread pudding topped with light whipped cream satisfies that “after dinner” sweet tooth. Cheese flan with a touch of vanilla was wildly smooth and velvety and quickly became the table’s favorite!

The relaxed atmosphere and delicious food embodies the essence of what a brunch should be, and Mio hits the nail on the head with this one. Bring the kids along, and allow your taste buds to traverse to far off lands. If you don’t have brunch plans this weekend, now you do, see you at Mio!

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