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Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2014 Review

Danger and Dragons around every corner.
Danger and Dragons around every corner.

Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2014


If you're not familiar with the Renaissance Festival, it's a yearly festival that takes place in Shakopee, Minnesota. People from all walks of life come together and go back in time to visit the Renaissance era. From the moment that you step onto the grounds of the festival you are thrown back in time to the 16th century. With cast members that greet you in a Shakespearean theme and fellow visitors that are dressed to impress.

I became a queen & my daughter a princess at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival

As my daughter and I walked thru the gates she was welcomed by the high society or the king’s court as you would call it. They gave her a gold coin and welcomed her to explore the village. They also warned her to be sure not to miss out on the mermaids at Mermaid Cove. I watched as my daughters eyes lit up with excitement and I knew that was where we were heading first.
When we first arrived the Mermaids were not awake yet so we sat and looked over the list of things to do. Included in your brochure, is a map and a checklist of some of the best foods to try and things to do which I felt was very helpful.

Finally the moment arrived and we were told the Mermaids had awakened. The Cove is very small and short but this did not seem to bother my daughter at all. And to be honest I was surprised on how real the mermaids looked. I was expecting cloth tails possibly with sequins like when you visit Ariel in Disney World. However, these mermaids put Disney to shame. They were swimming and splashing their tails in the water and they looked amazing. I was impressed!

After all the excitement we decided next to walk around and just take in all that was going on around us. Which led us to growling tummies with all the great smelling food that was around. Even the pickiest eater can find something they like at their larger than life selection from turkey legs, potatoes skins to seafood such as coconut shrimp. Bring your appetite and your wallet because the cost adds up quickly. I suggest eating a big breakfast before you leave & pack your own water bottles.

A wide selection in dining is not the only thing that is bigger than life at the festival. There is also world class entertainment. With live music, jugglers, comedy shows, amazing jousting battles, dancers and more. You could spend the day getting lost in all the entertainment.

Quick tip, the festival rates the audience on a PG scale so that you know if the show will be suitable for children or not.

I give the Minnesota Renaissance 4 STARS out of 5! It would have been five if it was more cost effective. My only wish is that in the coming years they devise a meal plan or donation day for bigger discounts while in the festival.

There truly is so much to see at the Renaissance Festival. To be honest I could go on and on about the magic that my daughter and I experienced together. My suggestion is to get dressed up and really get into theme of things. Escape your daily lives and bring your children to this enchanting world full of magic and mystery. A place where you're little one can be anything they can dream up and travel back in time. Visiting villages where the fairies live and meeting a wide range of mythical creatures such as mermaids and woodland creatures.

If you would like to learn more about the Minnesota Renaissance Festival be sure to click the link and learn more.
Bring allot of cash
Bring your own water bottles
Wear comfortable shoes
Plan ahead and pick a themed weekend to your liking.
Bring change to fill the buckets for those who entertain. They will ask for your donations.
Get your kids in on the act. Dress up and have fun!

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