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Mindful Nurturing 'Essential Parenting Collection'

Essential Parenting Collection
Essential Parenting Collection
Mindful Nurturing

Mindful Nurturing Essential Parenting Collection


I'm excited to introduce the Essential Parenting Collection, the latest hand-picked resource bundle from Mindful Nurturing! They makes it easy for new and experienced parents to instantly build a complete mindful parenting library including titles for

  • natural pregnancy and birth
  • the early years
  • mindful guidance
  • child development
  • moon time for girls, yoga, and herbal, JUNO magazine
  • special topics, child-centered divorce, transgender kids

This hand-picked library will be with parents for years to come. The complete bundle or parent's choice of 5 mini-bundles is available through May 31, 2014.

In order to speak to as wide an audience as possible, a variety of formats are included: e-books, e-journal subscriptions, e-courses, audio books, audio interviews, and online classes.

Click here to see a full title list.