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Mimicking BIrds - Eons

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Mimicking Birds - Eons


If you're familiar with the body of work produced by long-time indie group Modest Mouse, Mimicking Birds is going to sit well with you. While lead vocalist Nate Lacey fails to deliver the kind of unpredictable and jumbled singing synonmous with Brock Isaac's group, their latest album Eons delivers a lot of what made both bands great.

The album is a great addition to their body of work. It's not so much percussive as it is driven by the smooth acoustic, piano and bass sounds, which means that it's the kind of record you want to play when you're just sort of kicking back. That's where it most differs from Modest Mouse.

Where the two are most similar are mostly in the lyrics and the style of delivery, which are two things only fans of one or the other will really understand. Take a listen to both and you'll get what that means.

"Spent Winter" is by far my favorite track on the release. It's just the right amount of exciting without getting too far outside the parameters of the central theme. Each track blends seamlessly with each other creating an impressive composition from start to finish. While Eons isn't a straight run all the way through (there's enough spread variation to know when the next track has begun) it's still easy to get lost in it, especially given how relaxing each individual piece can be.

In a way, that very fact works to the album's advantage, allowing you the freedom to explore the album front to back without feeling you're missing something by not experiencing it as a collective whole.

Overall, if you're looking to just put your feet up and take a an hour out to chill this summer, Eons has got every indie fan covered.

Stream the full album on Stereo Gum by clicking, and buy it on Glacial Pace through Amazon available now.