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Mimi Sounds Off on Twitter in Response to 'LHHATL'

'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta'


Mimi Faust took to Twitter during Monday's episode of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" in response to the ongoing Nikko/sex tape drama. "LaLa Land" aired with a large number of viewers taking to social media to express their disgust with her admitted involvement with the infamous sex tape and the shock of Nikko being married.

Mimi Faust responds to drama

Let us start from the start of this episode!

An emotionally drained Mimi sits on the sofa of insensitive Nikko and questions him about rumors from MediaTakeOut, an urban gossip site. After defending Nikko to an endless amount of insults and allegations from friends, Mimi really hoped to hear "I am not married" from the mouth of Nikko but instead heard the opposite! He not only admitted he was married but also that he never intended to tell her. Mimi's fans, the few she has left, were almost as angry as Mimi appeared as she stormed out of the room and supposedly out of Nikko's life. Yet still, she did not have the gusto to break-up with him. She never actually said she wanted anything else to do with Nikko. So what does this mean?

Later on in the episode we see Mimi meet up with her good friends Erica and Ariane who meet up for lunch. She tells the two what they have suspected all along, Nikko is a snake. The looks on their faces were priceless as they dug deeper into their friends' issues with the untrustworthy man. The two friends seemed genuinely concerned and betrayed as she revealed she purposefully filmed the sex tape upon demand by the company she sold it to previously. She claimed once the tape leaked, the company advised her the footage was not long enough so they had to shoot more footage to fulfill the requirement. Naturally, a defensive Mimi starts using profanity and storms out of the lunch meeting.

Later on, Ms. Faust meets up with Nikko's old roommate to get the facts on why they are no longer friends and what Nikko's true intentions were with her and the tape. He reveals that Nikko left him without hesitation once he saw the opportunity also known as Mimi. He dropped his music "career" and left his good friend. His ex-roommate also knew he was married and claims Nikko's wife has a deep and emotional connection with Nikko. He also exposes the truth about there being more than one sex-tape in existence where she was filmed without her knowledge. An easily manipulated and apparently emotionally damaged Mimi is shown in the previews for the next episode confronting Nikko on all allegations.

Take a look at what Mimi felt compelled to post to her twitter in response to the airing of the show.

"At this point I don't believe anything that comes out of his mouth."

"I would never want his wife to watch what I'm watching right now!! EVER!! I wish that on nobody."

"Being the other woman , the mistress , girlfriend number 2 , etc. NOT COOL!! Wether you know your that or not!!"

"You would think the next man that came in my life would want to treat me better, especially after knowing about my past relationship."

"He never got it, and never will!!"

"Take to your grave? Never thought about telling me in the beginning? Oh ok!!"

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