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Milwaukee has nothing but love for P!nk's live performance

P!nk Truth About Love Tour


Thursday night, Jan. 11, Pink made her long-awaited stop in Milwaukee on her Truth About Love Tour, which was pushed back from November due to doctor-mandated vocal rest. It appeared that her Milwaukee fans were willing to wait as she performed to a sold-out crowd in the spacious BMO Harris Bradley Center. New Politics opened at 7:30 p.m. with Pink following from 8:45-10:30 p.m.

P!nk's Truth About Love Tour- Milwaukee, WI (1/9/14)
Emily Carl
Pink performing live in Milwaukee (1/9/14)
Emily Carl

Pink is known for live performances featuring her raspy, powerhouse voice coupled with daring acrobatics. Her 2009 Funhouse Tour introduced high levels of acrobatics and circus stunts during songs, and while it was not a consistent focus of the current tour, it definitely had a presence.

The Truth About Love Tour begins with a impish, jester-like man running around the arena, causing mischief as he takes people's beers and licks bald heads. He later appears onstage as the show begins and announces himself as Doctor Rubiks, who will guide the audience through an experience revealing the truth about love. He made occasional appearances between songs to give opinions on the effects of love. Between Doctor Rubiks, the backup dancers, and background graphics, The Truth About Love Tour created an atmosphere similar to that of an underground society of mischievous miscreants, and yet Pink manages to flip the tone completely and evoke childlike wonder through her jaw-dropping stunts.

Pink first appeared on stage from above, bouncing up to a large heart and three acrobats/dancers and down to the stage from bungee cords while singing "Raise Your Glass." Other such acrobatic stunts included aerial fabric acrobatics, athletic choreography featured in her "Try" music video, and climbing in and out of a large metal ball without a harness. The highlight, however, was her final stunt during her encore performance of "So What" where she flew across the arena by way of harness, reaching just a few feet above the audience. Half of the crowd was cheering like crazy while the other half was speechless as Pink flew from beam to beam across the Bradley Center and dove down to nearly touch the audience's fingertips.

There were several hit singles missing from the set list, but Pink's long list of hits over the years would have taken much longer than the hour and forty-five minutes she took to perform, and it seems unlikely that anything could have topped her show-closing act. But while the acrobatic stunts may have brought on a childlike wonder from even the oldest of fans, this may not be the show for the youngest fans. A combination of Dr. Rubiks' anecdotes on love and promiscuous background graphics may require some explaining on the car ride home if you were to bring your kids to this particular show. This seems an unlikely problem, however, as the majority of the audience fit the anticipated age range of teenagers to adults in their mid-forties.

The one consistent problem during the show was the sound, and this was only from Pink's perspective. She would frequently signal off stage that she was having audio problems and would often have the audience sing portions of the songs (which they were more than willing to do). She would brush it off by explaining, "As long as you think I sound good I don't need to hear myself!" or holding the mic out to the audience telling them to sing it for her. From the audience's perspective, however, Pink didn't need the audio feedback because she sounded just as great and on-pitch as she does in the recordings, though it was clear that she wasn't lip syncing.

But even if it bothered some that she didn't always sing every word of every song, she was always an entertainer. Throughout the entire evening, Pink looked like she was having a blast dancing around stage, signing autographs, and even playing the drums and piano. Pink's Truth About Love Tour is a theatrical, athletic, acrobatic spectacle that proves Pink is undoubtedly one of the best entertainers of our time.


Raise Your Glass

Walk of Shame

Just Like a Pill

U + Ur Hand

Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)


Wicked Game

Just Give Me A Reason


Are We All We Are


The Great Escape

Who Knew

F**kin' Perfect

Most Girls

There You Go

You Make Me Sick

Slut Like You

Blow Me (One Last Kiss)


So What

For more information on Pink and future Truth About Love tour dates, visit the artist website.

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