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Milo smartphone stand review

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Milo Smartphone Stand


In the age of multitasking we can complete any imaginable task simply utilizing the smartphone in our hands. The challenge however is when truly having to complete another task yet still need to see the information displayed on the phone at the same time. When cooking for instance, if you have the recipe on your phone and forget a step, you either have to wash your hands or just pick up your phone knowing that your hands are covered in flour. A new product from BlueLounge helps the smartphone user by creating a convent and stylish display space for our favorite device. Milo is a micro suction stand that is compatible with all smartphones.

The sleek and simple black or white design of the Milo ensures that it will fit into any surrounding yet is a functional tool to help busy people to get things done. The stand has a sticky pad on the bottom of the base to adhere it to a surface and also an additional sticky pad to hold your device. Unlike most sticky pad solutions, you can revitalize the pads by cleaning it regularly with ordinary sticky tape. Not only can you display your device horizontally with the sticky pad feature, the base also has a lip to allow you to set your phone in vertically with or without sticking the phone directly to the stand.

Many of us have been though multiple solutions such as the Milo stand with varying degrees of success. Oddly even at its low price point, Milo is visually appealing and sturdy. The adhesive pads are deceptively strong yet can also be removed easily from a surface. This fun accessory can be purchased online through retailers such as

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