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'Million Dollar Arm (2014)' Movie Review: It's still baseball

Million Dollar Arm (2014) movie review
Walt Disney Pictures

Million Dollar Arm (2014)


This Disney feel good movie is based on the true lives of Rinku Singh (Suraj Sharma) and Dinesh Patel ( Madhur Mittal) two Indian cricket players who would become Major League Baseball pitchers. Our story opens up with J.B. Bernstein (Jon Hamm) a sports agent in need of some good talent. He has to find something quick to put him back on top of the market cause he is about to lose his only client.

One day while surfing the TV he spots a cricket match and looks at how the bowlers are throwing the ball. He comes up with an idea of maybe heading to India to find his next phenom.

Bernstein and a down and out scout by the name of Ray( Alan Arkin) head to India in search of the talent that he needs. While there hundreds of applicants try out for the positions but the two Americans narrow it down to Dinesh and Rinku.

Bags in hand they head to Los Angeles and this is where the two Indians become lost among the stars. They prove to be outstanding pitchers and they eventually get to know the American ways but it is a laugh as to how they get there. The movie has some laughs and it does leave you with that Disney feel good feeling.

Director Craig Gillespie does his best with this somewhat put together film. The filming in India is fantastic its when they get back to the states that the film loses its appeal.

This is not a bad film but it could have been much better. It is still worth going to see it with that special someone as you will walk away with that nice feeling inside and let's face it that is what a date needs sometimes. Go Enjoy.

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