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Mill Creek brings The Tick the complete series to DVD

The Tick complete series


One of the most absurd comic heroes to ever grace the funny pages was The Tick. This series embodied the absurd like no other so it came as no surprise that the character finally outgrew the page and came to life in animation as well as the short lived live-action TV series that starred Patrick Warburton, David Burke, Liz Vassey, and Nestor Barbonell. There has been a release of this series before, but has all but disappeared, but thanks to Mill Creek Entertainment it is making its return for fans to add to their collection.

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Mill Creek Entertainment

There is a new protector of the weak and oppressed, the hilarious blue defender of goodness known as The Tick. Together with his sidekick Arthur and their friends the insatiable Batmanuel and the alluring Captain Liberty, these heroes will prove they are more than just big, dumb guys in silly-looking suits. This is one of those series that just wasn’t handled properly upon its release by the network and never got the push it so deserved. It is cleverly written and works on every level, with Warburton brilliantly embodying the role of the Tick like only he could. They took the superhero story and ditched the action nonsense and lets the viewer just hang out with them in their daily lives that makes for some over the top ridiculous moments that work perfectly. The costuming is spot on with only a few tweaks here and there with some of the characters, but The Tick is perfection complete with antennas that seem to have a mind of their own adding another element to the character. Each episode is more ridiculous than the next, but with the absurd stupidity of the Tick paired with the average Joe of Arthur it works and never takes itself too seriously knowing exactly what it is.

This is a great fun series that is an acquired taste, but anyone that has ever been a fan of The Tick will no doubt love it. It’s sad it never got the push or chance to succeed as there were so many more stories to tell and there had been talk of a movie that would be amazing. While there was only 9 episodes to enjoy, this is no doubt a collection that is a must have for any comic fans so grab your copy and face off against The Tick!

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