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Mill Creek brings Gamera Volume 2 to Blu-ray for the first time

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Mill Creek Entertainment

Gamera Volume 2 Collection


While Godzilla may be the most popular of the kaiju films he was far from being the only one. Gamera burst onto the scene in the 60s in hopes to capture the popularity of the craze and managed to create a franchise of its own delivering eight films in its original run. Now Mill Creek Entertainment is bringing the turtle kaiju home with an all movie collection featuring the final 4 films in the series with the aptly titled Gamera Volume 2.

This collection features 1969s Gamera vs. Guiron that found a couple of kids board a ship and are taken to a strange planet, but when things they are taken hostage by aliens Gamera must face off against the knife-nosed Guiron in hopes to save them. The next film in this collection, 1970s Gamera vs. Jiger features the triceratops looking creature Jiger who is out to bring down the World Espo and only Gamera can stop him. In 1971s Gamera vs. Zigra the Earth is attacked by a spacewoman and the shark like alien Zigra who plans to enslave the human race for food, but their plans are thwarted by two kids and Gamera. Finally in 1980s Gamera: Super Monster everyone’s favorite faces the biggest challenge yet when the alien Zanon comes to conquer Earth with an army of monsters. But when three superwoman enlist the help of Gamera they will face o0ff against a who’s who of monsters from Gamera’s rogues gallery. All of them are restored to their original Japanese cuts making for unique looks at this iconic character. As with the previous collection the man in suit and uses of model work are always great fun to watch. These films in the collection take a more softer approach almost making them more family films at times as opposed to the straight monster mayhem you would normally expect. Make no mistake there is plenty of action fun and they are still a blast, but get pretty comical. While you know they are all a bit cheesy at this point the silly kids theme song they adapted makes it harder to take them seriously. Either way any fan of this genre knows what they are getting and will have a blast either way. There is just something about seeing the old school methods of bringing these giants battling beasts to life that will just suck you in time and time again.

These final four films sport more great man in suit monster action that has to be seen get the full effect. Part of the charm of these classic kaiju films is the just seeing the old school filmmaking techniques. The quality of these hi-def transfers looks great and really adds to the experience. If you are a fan of these old school kaiju films then this is a collection you will have to have to add to your collection.

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