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Mill Creek brings Dilbert the complete series to DVD

Dilbert the complete series


There are tons of cartoon strips out there, but only a select few that have gone on to become pop culture phenomenon. Dilbert is one of those whose calendars, book collections and so much more has been spreading his office humor to the masses for years. AS if it wasn’t already huge, in the 90s it made its transition from page to screen with its own animated series featuring the voice talents of Daniel Stern, Chris Elliott, Kathy Griffin, and Gordon Hunt. Now Mill Creek Entertainment is bringing the office hijinks home with Dilbert The Complete Series on DVD.

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Mill Creek Entertainment

The series follows the "every man" as he copes with daily life at The Company alongside his fellow engineers, the no-nonsense, caffeinated Alice and selfish, slothful Wally. As if the issues in the corporate world weren’t enough he contends with his roommate Dogbert, who views the entire world as existing for his personal entertainment. It’s always interesting to see these kinds of cartoons come to life because there is always so much more there to be told than usually fits in a short strip. Its always great to take a comic that you have read and created the voices in your own mind and see if they comes out anywhere near as close. The casting here works great with every voice seeming to match the characters personality perfectly. The animation is pretty standard, but they kept the look and feel of the comic exact so that you never feel like you are seeing any world other than Dilbert’s just like it should be.

This DVD includes all 30 episodes and includes special guest talent including Jason Alexander, Andy Dick, Eugene Levy, Jerry Seinfeld, Stone Cold Steve Austin and more. Dilbert has become a classic cartoon that directs its humor to the office culture that has helped it stand out on its own. For anyone that has followed the cartoon or had the popular desk calendar on their desk, this is the perfect evolution of the character that will no doubt keep any fan happy so grab your copy of Dilbert The Complete Series.

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