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Miley Cyrus reminds fans of the power of music at Barclays Center stop

Cyrus reminded fans of the power of music during her Brooklyn, NY performance, following the death of her dog, Floyd.
Cyrus reminded fans of the power of music during her Brooklyn, NY performance, following the death of her dog, Floyd.
Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Bangerz Tour


Several months ago, during one of the most-discussed performances of all time, Miley Cyrus used Brooklyn's Barclays Center and her VMAs performance, as the stage to relinquish her Disney-associated reputation, and to start anew. However, last night, Cyrus used the Barclays Center for something else: to help her overcome the recent tragedy of her dog, Floyd, passing away. The Barclays Center provided the exact support that Cyrus needed at the "Bangerz Tour" stop on April 5.

No stranger to shock-appeal, Cyrus demanded the audience’s attention during her entrance, where she slid down a giant slide that meant to emulate her own tongue. Recognizing that the last time she stepped foot on the stage was during the VMAs, with laughter, she acknowledged, “This place looks familiar! I’m surprised you let me come back!”

After making her entrance, she continued to perform “SMS,” dressed head-to-toe in a two-piece red and white outfit, while accompanied by a series of real-life stuffed animals.

On average, the "Bangerz Tour" has consisted of ten outfit changes. Whether it be the sparkling, attention-grabbing American flag one-piece she sports during the finale of “Party in the USA;” the zebra-colored, furry pants she wearing during “Can’t Be Tamed;” or the yellow fur jacket she wears while riding a hot dog, floating atop the crowd during “Someone Else;” Cyrus demonstrates that every article of clothing was chosen with such tangible preciseness.

On most nights, the "Bangerz Tour" serves as a getaway for the predominately female, collegiate-aged audience with performances of songs like “23” and “Love, Money, Party,” where Cyrus sports a cannabis leotard while atop a car and basks in money. However, in Brooklyn, she reminded viewers, and herself, of the power music has to heal, especially during the acoustic portion. Say what you’d like to about her promiscuous antics, but as Cyrus was breaking down on stage and speaking of her misery throughout her mourning, she’s shown that - even if she doesn’t like to admit it - that she’s human, too.

During the acoustic set, where she performed covers of Lana Del Rey’s “SummerTime Sadness;” Dolly Parton’s “Jolene;” Bob Dylan’s “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go;” Coldplay's "The Scientist;" and an original, “Rooting For My Baby;” Cyrus acknowledged that the Barclays’ crowd was responsible for the “first genuine smile” she’s had this week. Continuing, Cyrus announced that she was “so happy right now,” and that even though she wasn’t aware of “how long [she’s] gonna feel this way,” she promised to “take it in.”

While the "Bangerz Tour" provides the environment for audience members to be jovial and to relieve themselves of heartache with performances of powerful ballads like “Wrecking Ball” and “Drive,” it continued to show the power music has to heal in times of hardship, even if you’re the one on that stage. Whether you’re attempting to mend a broken heart; have an enjoyable night out with friends; or are mourning a loss; the "Bangerz Tour" provides the impeccable atmosphere to relinquish your difficulties and to relish in the party of the century.