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Miles Morales Ultimate Spider Man #2

miles morales ultimate spider man #2


Miles Morales Ultimate Spider Man is published by Marvel Comics and is written by Brian Michael Bendis. The art and cover art are by David Marquez. Big things are happening in the world of the Ultimate Spider Man. As we seen in issue #1 Peter Parker has returned from the dead or is he a clone?

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This whole issue we didn't see any action other than Miles and Peter knocking each other around a room. We see a very shocked and confused Mile Morales run around yelling clone and a very angry Peter Parker. Not much to say past that. This issue just leaves us with more question than the last. We still have two bad guys running around trying to steal a package from Stark and we still have a huge bad guy that hasn't did anything yet. I just have a ton of questions like; what happened to Peter Parker, how will everyone react when they see he's back, what is in this package these two Spider Man like guys are trying to steal, and how will Katie react to Mile's secret?

What did you think of this month's Miles Morales Ultimate Spider Man? What do you think will take place in the next issue?