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Mike Epps After Dark Comedy Tour

Mike Epps After Dark Comedy Tour


Comedian Mike Epps brought his "After Dark Tour," to Music City at Bridgestone Arena on March 29th. The show opened up with Robert Powell who was super funny. He kept the crowd warmed up at attention as he joked about the hot topic of sex.

Mike Epps

After the opening act, the crowd waited about 30 minutes till the star took the stage. Of course, Mike Epps had to make his broad entrance, with a jumbo-tron movie showcasing him in a boss player black and white suit with two hot ladies on his side and an old school pimp. In the short film, he was preparing for the show and meets up with his old school pimp friend and then he as outside Bridgestone arena.

Cue the music. The 70 style era music kicked in as Mike Epps walked onto his stage set which was live with a grown and sexy atmosphere complete with bright colors and club/bar style set up.

Mike hit the stage with a warm heartfelt roar from his fan and yelled at the top of his lungs, " Nashville" as he danced on stage. dark He opened up the night complimenting the city for all the sexy ladies in the crowd.

Then the moment of truth arrived as Mike opened up with his sexual, baby mommas, Twitter battle with Kevin Hart and being traded with Ice Cube, character session , and random roast jokes session. The highlight of the night was when he spoke about the "cat" vs. "cougars" approaching him and how they made different sounds, talking about the women coming to his show during tax season, and my personal favorite the heaven joke.

He had the crowd dying with laughter, as he went through the different stereotypes of races and his impression of how it would be if a mexican, asian or black person went to Heaven.

Overall, it was a great show and Mike Epps definitely had Nashville crying with laughter by the end of the night. He joked that we wanted the jokes back to back with no break in between and he was right. We wanted our money's worth and we got just that! The only complaint heard after the show was that people wished the show would have lasted longer.

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