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Mighty Leaf Tea company boasts some mighty good tea

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Mighty Leaf Tea


Might Leaf Tea, this is a company that has altered the "norm" when it comes to tea. Not just any tea company, this tea has changed the game folks. I love tea, plain as that. I will drink tea everyday, all day and have done so, sampling literally thousands of different teas from many different companies. Mighty Leaf tea company was different, somehow I felt like I had reached a part of the tea world that has been hidden and untouched for years. As soon as I tasted their green and white tea collection, it dawned on me, this is the best tea I have ever tasted. I love many things about this company.

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From their corn silk, hand stitched, roomy tea bags to their whole leaf tea they choose to use, there is nothing I can not find that I do not like. I have given 5 stars because of the quality of this tea. As I said, I have drank a lot of tea. This tea is great tasting most likely because they, 1- Choose actual premium tea, instead of just claiming that, and 2- because they use whole tea leaves as opposed to "tea dust" or crushed/ground up tea leaves. When you drink their tea, you'll see discover that most, if not all, of their tea bags can be brewed at least two times. This is because whole tea leaves contain more flavor than ground up tea dust.

As a sample of what they have to offer, check out their Bombay Chai, because it is awesome. I've tried some good chai before, but this Bombay Chai is the best. It is truly a trip for the senses to a far Indian village! If you are into green or white teas, or like me, both, then they have some great gift packs that will give you an assortment of some of their best samples of their green and white teas. I think their White Orchard tea is probably the best white tea, mixed with a fruit, that I have ever tried. According to their website there is 267 reviews of this particular tea at a rating of as close to perfect as it can get at 4.7 out of 5 leaves (stars).

Their perfect quality in teas does not stop with the teas themselves, in fact, if you check out their site, you will see they even have went to lengths to get videos of their individual teas on there with some very interesting takes, now what website does that? Listen to the music that actually accentuates the tea itself. Biodegradable tea pouches! If you are a natural living guru, as I, or if you are doing the environmentalist thing, like I, and composting and recycling, their tea bags can be tossed directly into the compost bin or even into the garden!

It's not enough to say these organic teas are as special as they taste. Being organic, alone, is worth the cost. However, they are a non genetically modified (GMO) tea company. That means you won't find any GMO soy lecithin in their teas, no added chemicals or anything you should be concerned with, just good tea to the last drop! Personally, I love this tea company and know of it's worth, I would suggest this tea to anyone I know. Thanks Mighty Leaf Tea!


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