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Midwinter manga


What do you get when you cross future technology with magic and mythology? No, not Murder Princess and not any other anime or manga that is currently published. Midwinter is an upcoming graphic novel that follows the tale of Nox, a thief who desires to get his hands on Asterite, a powerful substance known to heal any illness or disease known to mankind. To get it, he infiltrates Gemini Hospital, but it won't be as easy as he thinks!

The manga is not yet complete, but is only starting out according to Co-author Joanna Wong. The art draws the viewer in immediately with high quality work that excites the mind and tingles the senses. With stunning graphics and a creative storytelling, Midwinter may become the next top manga in a few short years. If we're all lucky, it'll be out this year sometime.

I invite my readers to visit the Midwinter page to learn more. If you love anime and manga, you will be glad you did.