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'Midnight in Paris' is another strong Woody Allen film

Midnight in Paris


Although Woody Allen is seemingly indifferent to awards, he rarely appears at ceremonies, his work has been recognized by his peers for decades. This year, his film "Blue Jasmine" earned a few Academy Award nominations. In 2011, his movie "Midnight in Paris" also earned Oscar nominations, including Best Picture.

In "Midnight in Paris," Owen Wilson plays Gil, a likeable screenwriter vacationing in Paris with his beautiful, but entitled girlfriend, Inez (played by Rachel McAdams), and her materialistic family. Gil's attraction to Paris is the history and culture, and he wants to get a feel for the city he has come to know through literature. For Inez, shopping and dining in the most upscale of French locales is far more important than any genuinely cultural expeditions. One evening, as he is walking along a cobblestone street, Gil is invited into a vintage car and ends up going back to the 1920s, where he gets to meet several famous writers of that era, such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. Also, he meets and fall for Adrianna (played by Marion Cotillard). He connects with her much more than he does with Inez. His nights in Paris take on a whole new dimension.

Like other Woody Allen films, "Midnight in Paris" has an amazing cast. Owen Wilson is perfect as Gil, the writer who loves being in Paris and wants to stay there. Rachel McAdams is equally good as Inez, his more cynical girlfriend. Another strong performance is by Marion Cotillard, who shows that Adrianna is much better suited to Gil than Inez, whose attraction to him seems to be quite limited.

This film won an Oscar for its screenplay. It was well-deserved as it features many great characters, in addition to the leads. One good character is Zelda Fitzgerald, the flamboyant wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

While "Midnight in Paris" will obviously appeal to Woody Allen fans, it should also be of great interest to anyone who enjoys love stories.