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Midkemia: The Chronicles of Pug by Raymond E. Feist and Stephen Abrams

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Midkemia: The Chronicles of Pug by Raymond E. Feist


The world of Raymond E. Feist is brought to stunning life in this illustrated deluxe compendium, available now to be ordered online and from your nearest seller of new books, complete with maps, character drawings, and first-person narrative text by the master of fantasy fiction.

Part travel log/journal and part atlas, Midkemia: The Chronicles of Pug brings the fictional world of Midkemia to vivid, illustrative life, and gives readers a completely new look at the creative genius of Raymond E. Feist. Written in first-person—a first for veteran bestseller Raymond Feist—the book details the life and times of Pug of Stardock, the hero of Feist’s The Chaoswar Trilogy. Beautiful hand-drawn maps illustrate the changes in Midkemia’s geography as war ravages the land and physically alters the landscape; dedicated readers and fans can literally trace the changes made by each battle. Complete with thirty pieces of specially commissioned artwork, this book is a totally immersive look into the world of Midkemia as never experienced before.

Don’t miss your opportunity to reacquaint yourself with the writing of one of our great modern day fantatsists, whose Riftwar saga concluded earlier this year with the release of Magician’s End. Feist was planning a visit to Denver at that time, which plan was unexpectedly prevented by his contraction of pneumonia somewhere in England. Well wishes to him from the bullpen.