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Microsoft Surface Type Cover 2 [Review]

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Microsoft Surface Type Cover 2


The Microsoft Surface Type Cover 2. It is the predecessor of the first type cover with some small noticeable differences here and there. For example, compared to the first type cover, the type cover 2 has a backlit keyboard which is very useful if you are planning to do some work or maybe just browsing the web during the night. Also, the type cover 2 has brightness keys included in its array of keys on the keyboard which is very nice since it gives you the option to either tone down the brightness of the keys or light them up all the way to have the keys shine in the dark. Another difference is that with this version of the type cover, you have the option to choose from a set of colors when compared to the first type cover with its only choice of black. You have the choice of either purple, magenta, cyan, and of course the usual, black. Last, but not least, the material surrounding the touchpad is different than that of the first type cover since the material on this type cover has the same material that is used on the touch cover.

The type cover 2 is great for typing since it actually has real keys and provides you with the sense of feedback when pressing on those keys. Compared to the touch cover, this cover is indeed better, but when compared to the first version of this type cover, there are only small differences between them that having the first type cover does not necessarily mean that you must upgrade to this one unless of course you are a person who stays up all night working, then the backlight keyboard would be beneficial. Other than that then there is really no point in upgrading if you already possess the first type cover.

Just like the first type cover, this one is very slim/thin and lightweight since it is only 5.4mm thin. The backlight keys are proximity-sensing keys which means that they will go off when not in use to help save battery life.

All in all, this type cover is great to use and the addition of backlight keys just adds to the awesomeness of this cover. If you already have the first type cover and do not need the backlight keys, then you are not really missing out on anything besides some choice of colors and a difference in material on the touch pad. I would definitely recommend this type cover to those who like the feedback of real mechanical keys versus touch keys since it just makes the overall experience that much better.