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Microfiber cloth

Cheap exfoliation!
Cheap exfoliation!

Microfiber Cloth


If you don't know about microfiber cloths by now, you should. They are an inexpensive way to enhance your skin regime. Manual scrub brushes can be too irritating and mechanical cleanser brushes can be a bit pricey. Dermal grade microfiber cloths are an excellent way to clean and exfoliate your skin with great results.


  1. Inexpensive. You can buy one for as little as $2.50.
  2. Thorough. Really removes dirt, oil, makeup, and can lift and remove dead skin like no other.
  3. Safe for both face and body.
  4. Gentle. It is non irritating yet effective.
  5. Can be used alone, with a cleanser, soap, or scrub.
  6. Durable. They are washable and one cloth can last a year with regualr daily use.


  1. Not really a con, but the texture of the cloth is different so it can be a challnge to learn how to hold it properly.
  2. Again not really a con, but an inconvenience - you must wash these frequently. They remove a lot of dead skin from face, elbos, knees etc.


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