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Michelle Williams New Single “Say Yes”

Michelle Williams New Single Say Yes


Michelle Williams formerly of super girl group Destiny’s Child is gearing up to release her fourth solo contribution, due out in early September. I must say we like what we are hearing thus far. Everyone gives Michelle grief because she was the last of the “adds on” in the Destiny Child scrabble mess. But she is the last one standing “no pun intended” we all saw the 106 & Park performance☺!

Michelle Williams New Album Cover

Nevertheless, everyone needs to stop with the “Poor Michelle” memes and anecdotes. She is doing fine. People fail to realize that this young lady has been working hard too just like her former band mates. However, her road was much different, she went thespian and did some off Broadway runs as Shug Avery in the Color Purple and Roxie Hart in Chicago. Ok so lets try not to be complete haters.

In any case, back to her dance driven song “ Say Yes”. The song is so catchy and the message is definitely a blessing and encouragement. Everyone has great feedback regarding it. Now as far as the video… some things are a bit questionable, i.e. Bey’s cut off shorts. I mean she was doing great with the cover up but the camera angle just had to get her cut offs and crop top underneath. Then Kelendria had that fishnet crop top on… SMH. Come on. We are singing for Jesus y’all! Michelle looks great but her body is awkward; from the dancing to how she just posited herself. Maybe it was the Directors choice to have her look somewhat uncomfortable… shrugs.

Overall, the song is loved and well received and the DC reunion trumps my minor issues with the visual offering. I give it 4 stars. Go Michelle!