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Michele's Music Review: Cold War Kids At Amoeba Records Hollywood

Cold War Kids
Cold War KidsMichele McManmon

Cold War Kids at Amoeba Hollywood


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Cold War Kids were born in Long Beach, CA. After their mega hit "Hang Me Out to Dry" launched them into super stardom off of their 2006 release Robbers & Cowards, these guys have been plugging away throughout the years. Recently releasing their fifth album, Dear Miss Lonelyhearts, the band decided to play one of their favorite Hollywood venues, Amoeba Music. The free show filled the store to its capacity as fans of all ages waited for over two hours, in a line that stretched around the massive building, to see their favorite Indie rockers.

The guys played a short, tight set of forty minutes, not over staying their time on stage, but leaving the audience wanting more. Watching vocalist Nathan Willett soulfully howl out well written lyrics while the synchronized members sway, was like witnessing a rock ballet. Cold War Kids musical stylings has grown throughout the years, and this new album shows a softener eclectic sound. Instead of jagged riffs that poke you, the music flows into your soul and pulls you closer for a more intense, yet kinder, listening experience.

This show was just a sampler and wetted the appetite of Angelenos. Dear Miss Lonelyhearts is sure to hook the Cold War Kids fans who are seemingly growing right along with the band on their musical experience. A thirty-something couple bound up and excitedly bought two separate copies of the new album for the after show signing. The guy exclaimed "That was incredible" as he shook nervously griping his album. The girl grabbed the guys arm hard "I can't believe we are going to meet them! I'm so freaked! Let's Go!" They bounded off into the abyss of hundreds of fans to get their CDs signed, like two teenagers on the verge of Beatlemania. All and all, a good time was had, not only by those two, but by all at Amoeba Monday night.