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Michael Pitt and Nina Arianda try to 'Rob the Mob'

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Rob the Mob


Sometimes the creative mind of a screenwriter is not enough. There are some things so crazy that no one can make it up, they actually have to happen in real life. In 1992, Thomas and Rosemarie Uva started to rob social clubs. These were not just any social club, these were establishments owned by the Gambino crime family and the Bonanno crime family. The two probably thought it was a good idea because it is unlikely these places would call the cops reporting that they got robbed. On the other hand, they were stealing from the mob. This story is now being brought to the silver screening by director Raymond De Felitta in "Rob the Mob."

"Rob the Mob" was the closing night film at the Miami International Film Festival this year and it was the perfect selection to end such a successful film festival. One element that deserves high praise is from the action, notably from the two leads played by Michael Pitt and Nina Arianda. These two characters are far from the brightest people. In fact, you can call them stupid and get away with it. Thanks to the performances by Pitt and Arianda, their characters are much deeper than that. Tommy (Pitt) is a man who is still trying to resolve issues with his father, while Rose is a woman who cannot resist wherever her man may lead.

The performances may be good, but you may not like the characters of Tommy and Rose. It's doubtful they would be friends of yours. If there is one aspect missing from "Rob the Mob" it would be a "hero" character. The closest we get is a reporter played by Ray Romano. Andy Garcia plays one of the head mob guys and he is also a pretty likable character who you respect. Even the FBI people are not exactly "good guys" in this film. Not all movies need to have good guys and bad guys, but some movie audiences prefer to see a movie set up that way.

Raymond De Felitta is the director who made "City Island" one of the best films of 2010. He made that movie with Andy Garcia who was certainly happy to work with Raymond again. While this movie is not as good as their previous effort, it still is worth a look, especially if you try to go see the new Captain America movie this weekend, April 4-6 and it is sold out. It is Rated R for pervasive language, some sexual material, violence and brief drug use.