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Michael Jai White steps into the world of Asylum with ‘Android Cop’

Android Cop


The Asylum is known for churning out the cheesy mock-busters that often put their own spin on bigger budget films. These films have acquired numerous hardcore fans for their over the top cheesy goodness that often deliver a good time if you get it. The latest, Android Cop takes on the Robocop / Almost Human route to deliver their own take on the story. As with all their films this one sports an interesting cast including Michael Jai White, Kadeem Hardison and Charles S. Dutton, but does it deliver the typical cheesy fun or is it one that struggles to find justice?

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The Asylum

Android Cop follows a detective and his new android partner in the year 2045 that enter a forbidden section of the city plagued with an unknown disease. There, they discover the source of the illness and uncover a troubling Government Conspiracy at the center. Going into any Asylum film you know what to expect and this film didn’t disappoint. Unlike a lot of their films that are clearly just trying to have a good time, this one appears to really be trying to be more. While it never really succeeds in stepping out of the typical low-budget world they are a part of, thanks to its star Michael Jai White it often feels like it does. White is one of those action stars that deserve a lot more showcasing of his amazing martial arts ability, but he is more than just a generic action star. White can actually act and while he is most suited for the tough guy roles, he has some comedic timing that adds another layer to him. Here he plays it pretty straight as necessary and while it’s doesn’t boast some of the best action sequences, there is still plenty of him in action to please any fan. The effects are decent enough for most of the film, but per usual does showcase a large amount of the cheesy ones too.

Like any Asylum film they are geared towards a specific audience and those fans will no doubt enjoy this one, while others will be a harder sell. White may not get to showcase some of his best action sequences here; there is still something about his presence that just makes this movie better. If you are not a fan of his or any of the Asylum style filmmaking then you will likely not like this film and probably won’t check it out anyway.

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