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Michael Cullen's Love Transmitter: A Review

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Michael Cullen's Love Transmitter


Michael Cullen's Love Transmitter is an interesting collection of songs that are very introspective and dark. Comprised of ten cuts that are full of alternative edgy effervescence, Cullen's intention is to provide the listener with as much of his resonant baritone voice as possible intermixed across a soundscape that is provoking and compelling.

At first listen, "Do You Believe?" one might think Cullen is trying to sound like David Bowie, but he is in fact in a lane all on his own with this cut - which is a hybrid of unmitigated heavy laced lyrical rock. A similar sound shows up on "All Used Up" only taking a more punk sadness, while "Hey Sister" is a subdued and somewhat sad melody that emanates an Elvis Costello type.

"Spill" jams as a substantial and solid hardcore rock song. Cullen's baritone fits the production well and the lyrics present an audible romantic component that is wickedly offbeat and idiosyncratic. "One is Still My Number" appears to give a nod to bands such as AC/DC and The Cure with its poppy riffs clamoring and bellowing amidst Cullen's boundless tone. The finale song entitled "Closer," begins much like the opening track. One cannot help but feel the contemplative Cullen as he muses.

Michael Cullen is no stranger to the music scene, having formed the 90's band, The Hardheads. Cullen's sound is unmistakably deep and different - a diverse combination of haunting punk and meditative blares. Love Transmitter is a very deep album full of ululations and lamentations - with lyrics centered on love.

Final Grade: A

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