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Michael Bublé

Michael’s magnificent voice filled the room
Michael’s magnificent voice filled the room
Shelley Stutchman

Michael Bublé Crazy Love Concert Tour


For an experience of a lifetime, go to a Michael Bublé, concert. It is something you will never forget.

While waiting for the concert to start, people watching provided its own form of entertainment. The fashion of the evening was everything from shorts to evening wear. Upon observation the majority of the women were dressed to the hilt, but the gentleman tended to be very casual. Do you suppose the women were dressing for Michael?

The concert started precisely at eight pm, August 2nd, 2014, in the Chesapeake arena in OKC, Ok. The opening act was a band called Naturally 7. They were incredible. They shared with the crowd a video of Stevie Wonder, at the age of 13, on the Ed Sullivan show. It was such a marvelous piece of history to watch. The band did their job well, and set a mood of excitement and expectation.

When it was time for Michael to come on stage, a hush descended over the audience, fire set the stage ablaze, and when the heavy drapes parted, Michael’s magnificent voice filled the room. All through the concert the astonishing stage props were constantly changing, the 3-D graphics were mind-blowing, and the light show produced stunning colors that were a delight to behold.

His voice was dessert to our ears, and when he moved it was like the music radiated out of every pore of his body. From his shiny black shoes, to his perfectly fitted tuxedo, and his million-dollar-smile, you could not help but be charmed by him. At first glance, he appeared as a normal run-of the mill looking man you see at the office, but the more he sang; his ordinary appearance turned him into the type of man who takes your breath away.

He sang the Beatles song, All You Need Is Love, and as his voice resonated throughout the arena, thousands of red and white hearts fell from the ceiling to the delight of the audience.

For those in love that attended the concert, his music made for a magical evening. For those suffering heartbreak, you felt like he understood your pain as he sang songs about love that was lost. Just when you might start to let your mind wander, lost in your own thoughts by feelings stirred by the music, he would lighten the mood with his humor and charisma.

Michael frolicked with the audience that was seated in the front two rows. He selected a little nine-year-old boy named Noah, (same name as his own son), to join him on stage. Noah was decked out in a vest and tie, hair spiked, and designer eye glasses. Michael, quizzed Noah, and Noah responded with funny answers. He had Noah sing a song with him. Noah had a great voice and knew the words. Was Noah a plant, or did Michael get lucky in his random pick?

The magic of the evening continued until ten thirty. As the audience left each one talked how they were mesmerized by his voice; others were lined up to buy keepsakes.

In my world Michael Bublé, is my second favorite musician and performer. My favorite is a man that would pick up his guitar, look me in the eyes, and sing with an enchanting voice. This man and his guitar have never been famous in the world of music, he never stood on a stage with spot lights on him before thousands of fans, but when he played, he had his own spiritual aura reflecting his energy and talent . In my opinion, there will never be anyone that can equal this exceptional man who sang from his heart, with the sweetest voice in creation; and he had the power to make me feel like a princess.

Michael Bublé, I will see you in concert again. My guitar-playing man, the moment I hear you again, heaven will be mine.