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MIAS 2012 (review 2)

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MIAS 2012


Level 2 is the prime attraction for visitors who want to finally get behind the wheel of that Audi R8 or sense the fine leather of the luxury Mercedes S-Classe. Whether it`s a dream car or your next car this is the best place to get a first impression and compare with competitors.

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You can find out why the trendy Fiat 500 is more popular than the Mini and the Smart, cars that have been for a longer while on the Quebec automotive market, why is the 392 Hemi Dodge Charger the Super Bee and what technology hides beneath the body of the 2011 RB-7 that was proudly displaying the names of reigning Formula One Champion Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull teammate Mark Webber on the Infiniti stand.

Yet not all cars on Level 2 are accessible to visitors – concepts, prototypes and luxury sanctuaries were kept out of reach. A curious look could be directed towards the Subaru BRZ, AMG Mercedes SLS, BMW M6. However there are still plenty of impressive alternatives to satisfy everyone`s interests.

A special Montreal International Auto Show memory will remain with the lucky winner of the 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sahara who was able to riddle the mathematical puzzle and will come back again next year to relive the magic.