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Mexi-can't skip this place- Sunset Cantina

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Mexican Restaurant


Kelsey’s subconscious did a double take when she approached the Mexican restaurant as she noted it was not-so-ideally located next to a gym. But the smell of good food and smiling faces of patrons lounging on the patio versus the sweaty and slightly exasperated look of the gym goers set her heart, and her taste buds in the right direction; through the doors of Sunset Cantina.

She was greeted by a friendly hostess whom gave her a choice of table or booth, a choice that was a no brainer. Booth! Upon sliding into the booths under the dim lighting of the restaurant, she snatched up the drink menu hoping to find a margarita that called to her. This proved a difficult task, for when the waitress approached the table for the first time, Kelsey had to request for more time to look over the mass of options.

The menu was interesting, to say the least. Along with what one would consider a traditional Mexican menu, were some less authentic items. French fries? Burgers? Noodles? As if this decision wasn’t hard enough.

By the server’s third attempt to take order, Kelsey was finally ready. A pomegranate margarita and a Lettuce Wrap-n-Roll platter to start, please! It was the perfect mix of sweet and spicy! The margarita, in all its pink glory, was quite refreshing, which helped sooth the kick of the heat in the chicken lettuce wraps. The wraps were accompanied with an assortment of salsas. There were mango, bean and bruschetta salsas, all which packed a crunchy, cool punch.

Kelsey thought she was decently satisfied, that is until the waitress brought her the second margarita and her entre: the Texicalli Burrito. This burrito was stuffed with BBQ pulled pork, pico de gallo, melted cheese, Mexican rice and black beans. It was a mild barbeque sauce and there were some occasional pieces of fat that didn’t need to be there, but overall quite appetizing.

When Kelsey left, her wallet was a little lighter, but her Mexican cuisine craving was perfectly fulfilled.

Good atmosphere: check!

Good margaritas: check!

Good food: double check!

She wasn’t ashamed to admit that those beads of sweat that were starting to form on her brow, were not from a workout. But instead, they were from a well-enjoyed meal at the Sunset Cantina.



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