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Metal and mayhem collide in ‘Metallica Through the Never’

Metallica Through the Never


Concert films, whether it be bands or comedians have always been a tricky thing. Some go for the streamlined approach with cutting right into the event, while others do a lot of behind the scenes stuff as well as scripted sequences in hopes to give it more depth. Metallica has always been a band ready to take it to the next level while never giving up the sound that made them the greatest metal band of all time and they are looking to continue this trend with their film Metallica: Through the Never, but does this ambitious film deliver or is it time to shut off the mic?

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Metallica: Through The Never follows a a young roadie for Metallica, is sent on an urgent mission during the band's show. But what seems like a simple assignment turns into a surreal adventure. For all intents and purposes this is a Metallica concert film, but they took the cool concert and video elements to combine them to essentially just make a big budget video. While this may not be anything new to the genre they step it up on scale and set the music perfectly to tell this strange little story. Rising star Dane DeHaan has been slowly making a name for himself and is perfectly cast here. The role requires an all physical performance with every aspect of it being conveyed either through the physical activity of the situation or facial expressions and he delivers on every level. Not all of the actual story makes a lot of sense, but instead leaves it some aspects of it up to the viewer to make their own determination on what it all means. On the flip side of the film is the real reason anyone would be checking it out in the first place and that is for Metallica in concert. The stage set up is an impressive structure that keeps it initially simple yet still complex, but as their set list continues, much like the rest of the story, things around the band change as well. Everything from special effects and props begin to add to the overall concert experience culminating with a cool blend between the events in the DeHaan story and the concert itself that takes the band back to their roots.

This is an awesome concert film that not only delivers on the music better than ever, but lives up to the iconic status of the band leading the charge. This is one of the few concert films that is so much more than that and whether you are a fan of Metallica or not is sure to entertain on some level, but if you are a fan then you will no doubt be blown away.