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Merrell Moab mid waterproof hiking boots review

Me sporting a pair of Merrell Moab mid waterproof hiking boots on a hiking trip to New Zealand
Chris Robles

Merrell Moab Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots


Merrell Moab mid waterproof hiking boots offer comfort and stability for hikers. From mountaineers to those just hoping to sneak in a fun workout by hiking around the woods, these shoes are the perfect fit.

Merrell is a well-known brand for hiking footwear, sold around the world. The Moab boots provide a firm base, with a cushy inside that makes your feet feel like they're getting a soft hug while they charge down trails. The no-slip grip on the bottom of the shoes prevents most sliding, even in wet conditions. The thick sole let's you stomp over rocks and roots without feeling a thing. Plus, the mid-size ankle support offers just enough stability to keep you from twisting an ankle without the overpowering, trapped feeling that some higher hiking boots give off.

They are fairly waterproof, though not entirely. For example, they kept my feet totally dry in the rain, but when I accidentally got swept up by a wave, they were suddenly filled with water. My advice? Wear them on wooded or mountainous hikes. Take them off on the beach.

The only complaint I have is that they run a bit small. I'd recommend buying a half-size larger than you'd expect when purchasing the boots.

The best part? These boots will last forever. I've had mine for a year and a half. I'm a regular hiker and mine are just now starting to show a bit of wear on the bottom. Once these run out, I'll likely just buy a new pair. I'm a loyal Merrell Moab mid waterproof hiking boots fan for life.

Walking around the woods sure beats a treadmill right? The next time you want to get a workout in the great outdoors, tie on a pair of Merrell Moab mid waterproof hiking boots for ultimate comfort and reliability.

You can order them for $120 straight from Amazon.

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