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Merrell Leelani Cinch Legging (review)

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Merrell Leelani Cinch Legging


Need an excuse to add some color to your fall fitness wardrobe? The Leelani Cinch Legging by Merrell might be the perfect addition to your favorite fitness pieces. They are functional, they fit well and they are fun to look at.

Add punch to your workout

If you're like me, you have several drawers full of black workout wear. There have been crazy moments when I've caved in and purchased black with grey piping or black with pink trim. I've even had moments of complete insanity when I purchased sports bras in bright colors. But the backbone of my wardrobe is black. Most women do the same, because let's face it ladies, black is flattering on all body types.

So when I first saw the brightly colored Leelani leggings in the color they call "Evening," I was nervous. There was no way I wanted multicolor stripes running horizontally across my thighs. But when I put them on I was pleasantly surprised. The stripes are actually slimming! And better yet, they gave my sorely neglected, brightly-colored sports bras a reason to come out of the drawer.

Form and functionality

As any athlete knows, however, it doesn't really matter how the fitness apparel looks if it doesn't perform well in the gym. The leggings did a great job. The waist is cut so that you can either wear it folded down or not without adding any bulk to your midsection. The lightweight wicking fabric (M Select WICK) kept me dry throughout 30 minutes of hard intervals on the treadmill.

The color, believe it or not, even helped a little in the gym. On the day that I put these leggings to the test, I was not in the mood to work out. My intention was to complete the shortest possible test drive and vamoose. But I really liked what I was wearing so I stayed. Strange but true. I found that having fun workout wear actually inspired me to work out a little more. After my run, I stayed in the weight room for an extra 20 minute session.

Any drawbacks?

The only thing that I did not like about these leggings was the narrowness of the cinch at the bottom of each leg. I liked the fact that the leggings cinch. This is especially helpful for short girls like me. But I'm a short girl with big muscular calves and I wasn't able to cinch the leggings up as high as I wanted because the opening was too small to go up higher on my calf.

You'll find the Merrell Leelani Cinch Legging on the Merrell website. And yes, they do come in black. But I would encourage any of my readers who have dark workout wardrobes like mine to spread a little joy and invest in color this fall.