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Mercenary Kings in a Paragraph

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Mercenary Kings


I offered my impressions of Mercenary Kings in its Steam Early Access iteration last year, and I'm pleased to report that its full release has only improved on its strengths. Simply put, there's more of everything that made the incomplete version so fun, and just as importantly there's more variation on the things that are added: From weapon components, to enemy types, to animation details, to even the originally bare bones story (pop culture references too, but that's a bit more subjective), no effort was spared on beefing up the quantifiable aspects of the game. Unfortunately the artificial lengthening issues born from repetition of levels through multiple missions hasn't really been addressed, but considering the structure of the game it's something that would be difficult to change without a massive system overhaul. As long as you don't mind retreading some ground, though, a Metroidvania/Metal Slug/Monster Hunter mashup is still exactly as entertaining as it sounds and stands as another success story for crowdfunded games.