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'Memory Maze: Book 2 of The Hypnotists' by Gordon Korman

Second in an adventure series by the master of action Gordon Korman
courtesy of Scholastic Press

Memory Maze by Gordon Korman


Another exciting series by bestselling author Gordon Korman began with "The Hypnotists" and now continues with book two, "Memory Maze." There's a bit of magic in this series featuring certain people with special abilities to hypnotize people by just looking at them.

Jax Opus learns about his ability in the first book. He also learns that his skills have been inherited through his ancestors on both his mother's and father's side -- although neither of them have any ability to hypnotize people at all.

In the first book, Jax was used by an evil hypnotist who recognized his masterful ability. He and his family fled from that deadly situation and are now in hiding. But Jax doesn't find it easy to blend in. And the villain is still searching for him.

Korman creates an unusual cast of characters, including the "Sandmen," a group of hypnotists who find it easy to swindle, pickpocket and otherwise use their talents to get money the easy way. By hypnotizing people. Axel Braintree is the man who began a recovery support group for the rag-tag bunch of hypnotists, and he has now taken Jax under his wing.

Axel recognizes that Jax may be the only hypnotist strong enough to stop the villain from his dastardly plans -- whatever they are.

Middle grade readers will enjoy the story and the action-filled plot. There are thrills, humor, and exciting action -- enough to keep young readers turning page after page. This is the kind of book that gets reluctant readers excited about reading.

The ending? Well, it could be viewed as another beginning...

Please note: This review is based on the final hardcover book provided by the publisher, Scholastic Press, for review purposes.

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