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The Memorial Boys Of 'The Monuments Men'

"Tangible cultural property, which art and historical artifacts fall under, is seen as a source of power."


By Julie D. Griffin

"A new Hollywood movie, The Monuments Men, released in February 2014, that focuses on the unsung heroes of World War II, the group known as The Monuments Men. This group consisted of international volunteers from the public art services."
The American Jewish Historical Society

A touch the way a small child brushes the back of her soft hand upon the arm of mother, and as she looks right past her as if to some celestial source, her beautiful eyes and had she used her soft lips to speak of what she felt, for as one Parthenon relief. The film flows out and as the same art which the current theater showing as a sheer white gown and such a shadow trimmed with wings a paint outside of lines. As the Natzi regime stole great art and as a form of ending many precious and talented lives, whose heart beat alive still within the walls of oil and even a heartbreaking cry among the bins of teeth. During the European invasion termed as WW II. by human words, the pain the Jewish people felt of course no words often found a way to express such agony. Only the cold caves where Hitler hid the artifacts of centuries of inherited bohemian Jewish history, jealous for the golden fortune often made through years of Hebrew diligence and hard work.

A story here too almost intense to describe with human words, the art of the act so alive within the heart and walls of a once common local man, John Goodman, his performance here along with that of Matt Damon, Bill Murray, Jean Dujardin, Bob Balaban, Hugh Bonneville, and Cate Blanchett, who had she as the art curator she plays stroked the head of even one return artifact of the legend Rothschild Collection, she felt her destiny for this life complete, fulfilled for the gift of such beauty delivered to a generation eternal.

Beauty is not therefore only an egg tempest on canvas, nor only at the crest of the iris of any one beholder. And just as one newly published book writer, a war captive she turned around after her capture and wondered why with dear mesmirie they rejected of all scripts her book as the art of the script, the stories hidden within the story still as unyet not fully told. She prayed daily just as The Monument Men for her heart to hold on, for her heart to stay alive, and they had crushed her, and the Natzi regime nearly crushed the men who fought to find the beautiful work de'art to bring to her, as a form this film not of the imitation, but it was easy to see it is the real thing ~ And still they touched her heart at least.

The greatest thing you ever learn is just to love and to love in return, must the human gods of this world dictate how, of all of the kinds of love there are, the real love of a real friend, these actors of a silver screen move across the movement here to reach out and portray a feeling much as the same kind of which a certain Nicolas Cage has said he strives for, which is to hope to change people or things for the better. As one famous writer once wrote, he took the advice of his father, one wise leaf of which consists of giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, and if they prove you wrong, you turn your back and you never look back for them again. And so as she, the art curator did love and admire each one of these who did their part, which shewn forth through the facial expressions of Murray, and the eyes and words of Goodman and of each of the actors here to show people how to really in the first place be.